2024: sidereal. the afterimage

sidereal. the afterimage

Selected works by Barbara Morton, Entropie Books

“sidereal. the afterimage is a new chapter of creative composition, and achieves an extension of intention and originality in the expression of poetry, book-making, drawing, and design. The accompanying pieces, demonstrate ambition and creative reach, both technically and imaginatively, and serve to maintain and develop an ongoing purpose of bringing poetry and poetic text to its aesthetic and accurate environment. To encourage the reader to look and to encourage the viewer to read. To look closely. To look again. To look for longer.”

Barbara Morton

An open book with a series of colourful lines on the pages.

Barbara Morton is a St Andrews-based author, artist, curator, and bookmaker. In 2014 she established Entropie Books to publish small editions of her poetry, literature, artist books, and pamphlets. Her artistic and literary practice incorporates the arts of poetry, printmaking, bookbinding, typography, papermaking, and

chine-collé to present her literary texts and abstract geometric drawings in an exact and deliberate visual form.

Her writing is published widely in national and international journals and anthologies, and her books and prints are exhibited throughout Scotland and beyond. She is the recipient of the prestigious Meffan Institute Purchase Prize for The Word Itself is a Musical Sound.